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AUX Service Manual

AUX One to Two Split Air Conditioner Service Manual

Section 1 Important Notice
Section 2 Technical Specifications
Section 3 remote controller introductions
Section 4 Electronic Controller introductions
Section 5 The disassembly and the relating attention issues to the part of AUX product
Part 1. Indoor unit
Part 2. Outdoor unit
Section 6 Trouble shooting Guide
Section 7 Explosion View
Part 1. Indoor Unit
Part 2. Outdoor Unit
Section 8 Cooling Cycle Diagram
Section 9 Wiring Diagram
Section 10 Service Record
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AUX Highcool 2007 Series
Installation and Operation Manual

Table of Contents
Technical Data
Safety Precautions
System Components
Wired Controller
Service & Maintenance
Indoor & Outdoor Installation
Pipe work Connections
Electrical Connections
Installing the Controller
Commissioning Sheet
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AUX Highcool Series
Wired 7 Day Controller
for Cassette Air Conditioner Operation Manual

P2 Introduction
P3 General Description
P4 Display Section
P5 Control Buttons
P6—9 Understanding the Display
P10-12 Operating the Controller
P13 Caring for the Environment
P14 Appendix 1—Fault Codes
P15 Appendix 2—Engineers Notes
P15 Appendix 3—Timer Chart
P15 Fault Code Log
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(R410A and R22)

Table of Contents
1 General description
1.1 Naming rule
1.2 Indoor unit Features
1.2.1 Cassette
1.2.2 Ceiling & Floor
1.2.3 Duct
1.2.4 Outdoor unit
1.2.5 Controller
1.3 Picture of unit
1.3.1 Indoor unit picture
1.3.2 Controller unit picture
1.3.3 Static pressure choose for duct unit
1.3.3 Outdoor unit picture
2 Technical Data
2.1 Technical Data
2.1.1 Cassette (R410A)
2.1.2 Cassette (R22)
2.1.3 Ceiling &Floor (R410a)
2.1.4 Ceiling &Floor (R22)
2.1.5 Duct (R410a)
2.1.6 Duct (R22,low static pressure)
2.1.7 Duct (R22,high static pressure)
2.2 Brief IntroHiction for T1、T2、T3 working condition
2.3 Operating Range of Air Conditioners
2.4 Capacity performance
2.4.1 Capacity performance of indoor unit
2.4.2 Mdify the performance table according to the magnitude of conHiit length and height difference.
2.5 System principle drawing
2.5.1 Cooling-only Unit
2.5.2 Heating-pump Unit
3 Design manual
3.1 Selection principle
3.2 Design of connecting pipe
3.2.1 Selection of connecting pipe
3.2.2 Equivalent length
3.3 Design of distribution line
3.3.1 Distribution line of the unit
3.3.2 Schematic drawing of system distribution line:
3.3.3 Schematic drawing of the system wiring
4 Installation
4.1 Before installation
4.1.1 Indoor unit
4.1.2 Outdoor unit
4.1.3 Preparation of appurtenance of installation
4.2 Cassette indoor unit installation
4.2.1 Cassette indoor unit size
4.2.2 Reserve installation space for cassette inddor unit
4.2.3 Cassette indoor unit installation
4.2.4 Panel installation
4.2.5 Fetch in fresh air and connet intake
4.3 Ceiling&Floor indoor unit installation
4.3.1 Ceiling&Floor indoor unit size
4.3.2 Ceiling&Floor indoor installation indoor unit
4.4 Duct indoor unit installation
4.4.1 Duct(R22) indoor unit dimension and the space for its installation
4.4.2 Duct(R410A) indoor unit dimension and the space for its installation
4.4.3 Duct indoor unit installation
4.5 Outdoor unit installation
4.5.1 Overall dimension of outdoor unit
4.5.2 Select installation position of outdoor unit
4.5.3 Installation space of outdoor unit:
4.6 Connection piping installation
4.6.1 Choose the Connection piping
4.4.2 ConHiit heat preservation
4.4.3 Airtightness test
4.5 Fill of refrigerant
4.6 Commissioning
5. Control instruction of HAC-FX-AUX PC Board
5.1 Composition and function
5.1.1 Layout
5.1.2 PCB elements diagram
5.2 Composition of controller
5.2.1 Protection orifice input of main controller
5.2.3 Air Himper control of indoor unit
5.3 Function set of controller
5.4 Parameter set method
5.4.1 System function slection parameter
5.4.2 Compensation parameter of temperature sensor
5.4.3 System operation temperature parameter
5.4.4 System operation time parameter
5.4.5 protection temperature parameter
5.4.6 Protection time parameter
5.4.7 Unfreezing parameter
6 Control instruction of HAC-F1X-AUX PC Board
6.2 Composition and function
6.3 Outdoor control Composition
6.3.1 Setting screen safeguard switch
6.3.2 Outdoor PCB Layout
6.3.3 Outdoor PCB elements diagram
6.4 Indoor co ntrol Composition
6.4.1 Function set of indoor PCB
6.4.2 Indoor PCB Layout
6.4.3 Indoor PCB elements diagram
6.4.4 Air Himper control of indoor unit
6.5 Parameter set method
6.5.1 System function slection parameter
6.5.2Compensation parameter of temperature sensor
6.5.3 System operation temperature parameter
6.5.4 System operation time parameter
6.5.5 Protection temperature parameter
6.5.6 Protection time parameter
6.5.7 Unfreezing parameter
7 Remote controller and Line controller
7.1 Only line controller
7.2 Only remote controller
7.3 Line controller + remote controller
7.4 Display lamp board
7.4.1 Display board A
7.4.2 Display board B
8 Control philosophy
8.1 Automatic mode
8.2 Cooling mode
8.3 Dehumidification mode
8.4 Ventilation mode
8.5 Heat generation mode
8.6 Unfreezing operation
8.7 Timing operation
9 Sensor resistor value and graph
9.1 5K3470 sensor resistor value
9.2 5K3470 sensor grahp
9.3 10K3470 sensor resistor value(exhaust temperature sensor)
9.4 10K3470 sensor grahp
9.5 Press switch
10 System failure protection and code
10.1 Controller of HAC-FX-AUX
10.1.1 System recoverable prrotection
10.1.2 System serious failure protection
10.1.3 Failure display of indicator lamp board
10.2 Controller of HAC-F1X-AUX
10.2.1 System recoverable prrotection
10.2.2 System serious failure protection
11. Exploded chart
11.1 Csssette
11.1.1 Csssette (9000BTU~12000BTU)
11.1.2 Csssette (24000BTU~48000BTU)
11.2 Ceiling&Floor
11.2.1 Ceiling&Floor(9000BTU~18000BTU)
11.2.2 Ceiling&Floor(24000BTU~36000BTU)
11.2.3 Ceiling&Floor(42000BTU~52000BTU)
11.3 Duct
11.3.1 Duct(R22,9000BTU~12000BTU)
11.3.2 Duct (R22,18000BTU)
11.3.3 Duct (R22,24000BTU~36000BTU)
11.3.4 Duct (R22,42000BTU~48000BTU)
11.3.5 Duct (R410A,36000BTU~48000BTU)
11.3.6 Duct (R410A,52000BTU)
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Service Manual Split Wall Mounted
Series R410a DC Inverter

Product Specifications
Refrigeration Cycle Diagram
Remote Controller Instructions
Brief Introduction Of Installation
Wiring Diagram
Operation Details
Disassembly Of The Parts
Exploded Pictures
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