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Trane Service Manual

Trane CLCH-IM-16A Installation and Maintenance Manual
T-Series Climate
Changer® Central
Station Air Handlers
Draw-Thru and Blow-Thru Unit Sizes 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 66, 80, and 100

Table of Contents
General Information
Unit Description
Operating Environment
Unit Nameplates
Storage Considerations
Rigging and Handling
Determine Unit Weights
Lifting Instructions
Unit Assembly
Unit Assembly - All Sizes
Component Installation Requirements
Fan Section
Duct Connections
Drain Pan
Coil Piping And Connections
Refrigerant Coil Piping
General Refrigerant Piping Recommendations
Installation Checklist
Prestart-Up Checks
Start-Up Procedures
Periodic Maintenance
Drain Pans
Air Filters
Fan Bearings and Motors
Coil Cleaning
Coil Winterization
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TRANE Diagnostic Troubleshooting Repair
Series R®
70-125 Ton Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled
Rotary Liquid Chillers
RTAA 70-125 Ton
RTWA 70-125 Ton
RTUA 70-125 Ton

Table of Contents
General Information
Service Philosophy
System Description
System Level Components
Interprocessor Communications
IPC Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Modules Using IPC Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Procedure
Temperature Sensor Checkout
Temperature Sensor Checkout Procedure
Compressor Operation
Restart Inhibit Timer
Compressor Start/Stop
Variable Speed Inverter/Condenser Fan Control
Outdoor Air Temperature and Fan Control
VSF Inverter Fault
Current Transformer
CT and MCSP Compressor Current Input Checkout Procedure
Under-Over Voltage Transformer
Under-Over Voltage Transformer Checkout
Compressor Capacity
Checkout Procedure for MCSP Load/Unload Outputs
Checkout Procedure for the Slide Valve and Load/ Unload Solenoids
Checkout Procedure for MCSP Step Load Output
Checkout Procedure for Step Load Solenoid Valve and Piston
Module Power and Miscellaneous I/O
Power Supply
Clear Language Display (CLD) 1U6 Keypad Overview
Chiller Module (CPM) (1U1)
Options Module (CSR) (1U2)
Electronic Expansion Valve Module (EXV) (1U3)
Compressor Module (MCSP) (1U4 AND 1U5)
Interprocessor Communication Bridge Module (IPCB) (1U7)
LonTalk® Communications Interface - Chillers Module (LCI-C) (1U8)
Variable Speed Fan System
Inverter Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Procedure
Other Service Features
Service Pumpdown
Circuit Lockout
Circuit Diagnostic Reset
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TRANE Installation, Operation,
and Maintenance
Packaged Fresh Air Unit
For 100% Outdoor Air Applications
Models FADA and FAHA
“BO” and later design sequence

Table of Contents
General Information
Pre-installation Considerations
Mechanical Requirements
Electrical Requirements
Installation Procedure
Pre-Startup Requirements
General Information
Sequence of Operation
General Information
Maintenance Procedures
Periodic Checklists
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TRANE Programming Guide
Commercial Self-Contained
Signature Series, 20-80 Ton
Modular Series, 20-35 Ton

“AO” and later Design Sequence
SCWG -020, -025, -030, -035
SIWG -020, -025, -030, -035
SCRG -020, -025, -032
SIRG -020, -025, -032
SCWF -020, -022, -025, -029, -032, -035, -038, -042, -046, -052, -058, -065, -072, -080
SIWF -020, -022, -025, -029, -032, -035, -038, -042, -046, -052, -058, -065, -072, -080
SCRF -020, -025, -029, -030, -035, -040, -050, -060
SIRF -020, -025, -029, -030, -035, -040, -050, -060
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Diagnostic Troubleshooting Repair 
Control Operation, Setup and Troubleshooting for RTAC and RTHD Units with Tracer CH530 Controls

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide control operation and general troubleshooting information on the RTAC Air Cooled Chillers and RTHD Water Cooled Chillers with the CH530 controls. It is recommended that the service technician be familiar with the CH530 operation prior to servicing the microprocessor.
This bulletin is intended to serve as a supplement to the RTAC and RTHD IOMs, the installation, operation and maintenance manuel. Subjects covered in this bulletin are intended to provide more comprehensive information for the RTAC and RTHD units.
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TRANE Programming Troubleshooting Guide CG-SVP01B-EN
"H" and Later Design Sequence
With 3-DTM Scroll Compressors

The manual is divided into 6 sections. Each section provides the operator with specific information about the system operating parameters and their related screens. By carefully following the screen layout within this manual while scrolling through the Human Interface, the operator can monitor operating status, set specific operating parameters, and diagnose system problems.
Before attempting to operate or service this equipment, refer to the “Start-Up” and “Test Mode” procedures in the applicable Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual, listed on the unit nameplate.
Note: The procedures discussed in this manual should only be performed by qualified, experienced HVAC technicians.
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Trane air conditioning manual Part 1-6
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Installer's Guide
Single Packaged Heat Pump, 14 SEER
Convertible, 2 - 5 Ton, R-410A
18-BB34-D1-12, 4WCY4-IG-12

Safety Considerations
Step 1-Inspect Shipment
Step 2-Determine Unit Clearances
Step 3-Review Location and Recommendation Information
Step 4-Unit Installation
Ground Level Installation
Rooftop Installation -- Curb Mounting
Covert Horizontal Airflow to Down Airflow
Install Full Perimeter Roof Mounting Curb
Lifting and Rigging
Placing the Unit on the Mounting Curb
Rooftop Installation -- Frame Mounting
Rooftop Installation -- No Curb/Frame
Ductwork Installation
Attaching Downflow Ductwork to Roof Curb
Attaching Horizontal Ductwork to Unit
Condensate Drain Piping
Air Filter Installation
Electrical Wiring
Electrical Connections
Electrical Power
Disconnect Switch
Overcurrent Protection
Power Wiring
Field Wiring Diagram
Control Wiring (Class II)
Step 5-Unit Startup
Pre-start Quick Checklist
Starting the Unit in the Cooling Mode
Operating Pressures
Voltage Check
Cooling Shut Down
Starting the Unit in Heating Mode
Heating Shutdown
Sequence of Operation
ECM Fan Motor Adjustment
Demand Defrost Operation
Defrost Control
Final Installation Checklist
Owner Maintenance
Service Maintenance
Cooling Season
Heating Season
Warranty Information

Mini-Split Systems
Hi-Wall Type
9,000 - 36,000 BTU/H, 60 Hz
Cooling Only

Features and Benefits
Model Number Description
General Data
Performance Data
Dimensions and Installation Clearance
Refrigeration System
Wiring Diagram
Mechanical Specifications
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Technical Service Manual
R-410A Split System
16~18 SEER, Inverter Systems - 60 and 50 Hz
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