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Repair Guideline for TCL DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Repair Guideline for TCL DC Inverter Air Conditioner
I. Electrical Control of Inverter Air Conditioner
1. Main compositions of the electrical control of inverter air conditioner
2. Wiring of Inverter AC Unit
3. Current Flow
4. Computer Control Function Flow Chart for Inverter AC Unit
5. Protection and Fault Codes
II. Troubleshooting
1. According to the fault code
(1) Display E1 or E2:
(2) Display E6
(3) Display E3, E7, E8
(4) Display E4
(5) Display EC
(6) Display EP
(7) Display EA
(8) Display EU
(9) Display E9 (Firstly display P0 or P9, then change to E9)
(10) Display E0、E5
(11) Display EE
(12) Display P0
(13) Display P1
(14) Display P2
(15) Display P4
(16) Display P5
(17) Display P6
(18) Display P7
(19) Display P8
(20) Display P9
2. Other faults
1) The indoor unit works normally but the outdoor unit does not work.
2) The outdoor unit is stopped when the air conditioner has run for a period of time
3) The air conditioner is tripped when it is started
4) The complete unit does not work
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Cautions on Replacement of PCB Boards
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